Zzzant is a citizen journalism experiment designed to create a home for the voices of working class, working poor, and welfare class people. The outlet was founded in response to a 2009 report commissioned by former United Kingdom cabinet minister, Alan Milburn – along with 20 experts from across academia and industry – which blew the lid on the “worst kept secret in the media.”

That the media is run by the rich for the rich. The report found that between 1958 and 1970, the biggest decline in social mobility had occurred in the journalism and accounting professions. 

“Journalists and broadcaster born in 1958 typically grew up in families with an income of around 5.5% above the average family. But this rose to 42.4% for the generations of journalists born in 1970,’” it reads.


If the average journalist came from a family earning 42% above the average income in 1970, what is it now?

A quick scan of the media industry tells the tale. Journalists, these once proud and courageous tradespeople tasked with the noble cause of fearlessly pursuing truth, are among the least trusted people in the workforce (just ahead of Federal Politicians). It is an industry in terminal decline. An industry so out of touch with public sentiment and working class rage it failed to see Brexit or Donald Trump coming.

Fake News! has become the catch cry of an entire generation. Meanwhile, as trust and revenue continues to bottom out of the industry, the last remaining aristocrats try desperately to shake the sheckles out of a well worn public using a caricatured version of their age old tools: fear, panic, obfuscation, diversion, division, and, of course, routinely beating the drums of war.

Run by an elite bourgeoise class, mostly concerned with avoiding the working class, today’s media is poisoned by partisan politics and, by its very design, destined to serve a nihilistic, corporate, capitalist agenda.

Despite calls from journalism greats such as Lydia Polgreen and Mike Carlton for the truth trade to “rediscover its blue collar roots,” nothing of the sort has happened. Zzzant, howeverbelongs to the people and serves only truth as its master.

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Published by Jed Smith

Journalist with 15 years experience across every major news outlet in Australia.

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