Gavin Longbottom, The Yuin Man

Gav is a 27-year-old First Australian man from the Whalwan, Worimi and Yuin tribes. He lived itinerantly as a child between Botany, La Perouse, and Maroubra, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

He endured child abuse and a troubled home life, spending time in juvenile detention, before injuring himself and falling into depression.

Gav confronted his own mortality but ultimately chose life. “It was DMT that stopped me killing myself,” he says.

 A stint in rehab combined with a variety of plant-based medicines, diets, psychedelics, meditation, breathe work and yoga, has put him on a path of love and light.  

During an ayahuasca ceremony, Gav was told by his late great grandfather to search out a remote corner of Australia and get initiated so as to begin “connecting the ancient ways to the new ways.”

“This journey is going to be incredible,” says Gav. 

A student and environmentalist, Gav is the Vice President of Protect Our One, a not for profit he helped create to protect our beaches and coastal environment. Bra Boy and legendary big wave surfer turned mixed martial artist, Richie Vaculik, is one of its many ambassadors. Gav is a modern day spirit man and a survivor who understands trauma better than most, as well as the many paths to recovery. 

Amy Taylor, The Punk


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Amy is the 23 year old frontwoman of the Aria-Award-winning Aussie punk band, Amyl and the Sniffers. Raised in Mullumbimby, on the NSW North Coast, both her parents hail from the low socioeconomic, working and welfare class belt of Penrith, in Sydney’s Greater West. 

“My whole family are Penrith Panthers (rugby league) fans,” she says. 

Amy’s dad drives cranes and her mother worked in the post office and fish and chip shop while studying and raising Amy and her sister. 

“Mums real smart and dads real driven. They’re still together and they’re good people, so that’s nice. I got lucky in that department,” she says. 

After moving to Melbourne, Amy and her flatmates decided to start a house band. “One day we got home from doing shit and we set up the stuff and went, ‘Fuck it, lets record some shit.’ Then it’s kinda gone turbo,” she says. 

Jed Smith, The Pikey (Founder/Editor)
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Raised on the breadline by an itinerant, working class, single mother, Jed began his career as a builder’s labourer while working his way up through the ranks of various local community news outlets, including Koori Radio (93.7) and the Bondi View newspaper. He has spent the last decade as a freelance journalist contributing to every major news outlet in Australia (The Guardian, Saturday Paper, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian,

He is the former Vice Australia and New Zealand Sports editor, covering everything from surfing and rugby league to poverty and genocide. He is the co-host and founder of the cult surfing podcast, Ain’t That Swell; the former (web) editor of Stab Magazine and Australia’s Surfing Life. He has written for nearly every surfing magazine in the world but his specialty is the the ongoing war on the poor.

Craig Braithwaite, The Journeyman



Born on the Sunshine Coast to a hardworking, hard drinking journeyman father, ‘Braith’ attended nine schools in 12 years, as he followed his father far and wide for work. Braith has continued his journeyman lineage, working in all manner of jobs in all kinds of places – from the wharves in Brisbane, to a youth worker with in Alice Springs, a builders’ labourer in between, and pouring drinks behind dive bars & gaming joints in Surfer’s Paradise.

He eventually pursued a mature age Journalism degree and has since freelanced for various newspapers and surfing publications at home and abroad, serving as the editor for Surfing Life Magazine. Braith is a fulltime single dad to his 10-yr old boy – CJ – back where it all began on Queensland’s Sunny Coast. He is hugely passionate about equality and our shit political system which tries its arse off to offer anything but.



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