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COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us

Can you believe it? The state of America right now? Factory workers feeding ‘emselves with food stamps. Small businesses shutting down en masse. Unemployment rates skyrocketing. More people dead from this mystery illness than anywhere on earth in a country home to more billionaires than anywhere on earth (more than China, Russia and Germany combined, as it were).

Endless protests. Endless shootings. Endless murders. Endless massacres. Endless wars. Endless misery. Endless profit for an increasingly tiny few. A political system so rigged it’s the only thing the left and the right can agree on. A situation so surreal that the iconic BBC documentary maker, Adam Curtis, had to invent a new word to describe it: Hypernormalisation.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 11.54.09 am

Every failed, fuckwit of a concept that crawls out of the intellectual sewer that is America eventually oozes its way down under. The list is endless and atrocious, but let’s start with war and resource theft; a concept pioneered by the early European colonialists before being picked up with gusto and ingeniously, albeit deceitfully, reimagined by the American war and mainstream media machine. 

Under the guise of communism, Australia supported America’s backwards coup in Indonesia in 1965, where, in cahoots with Britain, we helped oust the democratically elected President Soekarno. Soekarno was an everyman, a true man of the people, the son of a Javanese school teacher and Balinese mother. What followed his removal was the genocide of between 500 000 and a million left-leaning workers, farmers, peasants and students. None of whom were too keen on losing their land, culture, society and wealth to the newly minted military dictator, President-General Suharto, and the multinational corporations on whose cocks he hung.

“In 1965, Indonesia witnessed one of the greatest genocides of the 20th century, as army general Suharto led a military coup against the left-leaning but essentially nationalist and non-aligned Soekarno government,” writes Professor Thomas Reuter, of the University of Melbourne, for The Conversation.

“Up to one million innocent Indonesian civilians were butchered over the following year at a rate of 1,500 people per day, to the applause of western powers including Australia,” he writes.

Indonesia remains one of the most resource riches on earth – oil, gas, copper, coal, gold, they’ve got it all. And yet their people remain among the most impoverished on earth. Where all that resource wealth went is a question best put to the since deposed military general, President Suharto, and the foreign powers and foreign multinationals he served.  President Suharto was found to have embezzled $35 Billion dollars from his impoverished people over the course of his three decades in power. While many in his family and the oligarchy he built continue to rule Indonesia today.

The democratically elected Indonesian President Soekarno seen here with Che Guevarra. Western powers, including Australia, tried unsuccessfully to assassinate him numerous times before he was ousted by a CIA-led coup. Up to a million of his supporters were slaughtered thereafter.

Around the same time, we followed the Stars and Stripes into the quagmire of the Vietnam war. Again, it was sold to us on account of halting the spread of communism but it turned out to be more to do with shoring up America’s tin and tungsten reserves.

“Now let us assume that we lose Indochina. If Indochina goes, several things happen right away. The Malayan peninsula, the last little bit of the end hanging on down there, would be scarcely defensible – and tin and tungsten that we so greatly value from that area would cease coming,” President Eisenhower told his Governors in 1953.

“So, when the United States votes $400 million to help that war, we are not voting for a giveaway program. We are voting for the cheapest way that we can to prevent the occurrence of something that would be of the most terrible significance for the United States of America – our security, our power and ability to get certain things we need from the riches of the Indonesian territory, and from southeast Asia,” he said.

Some of the so-called ‘collateral damage’ from the Vietnam War and America’s use of napalm. The effects of Agent Orange leaking into Vietnam’s water supply would be cause birth defects and various other illnesses for decades to come.

Money, resources, and piggish greed have underpinned every American war since World War II.   It was this same mantra that saw us head into oil fields of Iraq, despite not a shred of evidence to suggest Iraq were who we thought they were. That is: harbouring weapons of mass destruction.

Australians turned out for the biggest protest in our country’s history to oppose the war – some 500 000 people of all colours, creeds and religious persuasions in the streets protesting. But it did nothing. Between 185 000 and 210 000 civilians – women, children, men – dead since the 2003 Iraq invasion and a grand total of 280 000 deaths. Not to mention the ensuing chaos that followed our messy exit from the conflict, including the birth of ISIS.  

Activists graffiti the sails of the Sydney Opera House during the biggest protest in Australian history.

In 1992, the USA brought their prison-industrial complex down under; a vile concept whereby the rehabilitation of offenders is overseen by a profit-driven corporation beholden to the bottom line of shareholders, in this case the Florida-based GEO Group.

Predictably, their private prisons quickly descended into a seething, overcrowded cesspit of violence, drugs, rape and skulduggery, with convicts released back into society in infinitely worse shape than what they went in. Soon Australia had a higher proportion of prisoners in private prisons than even America. 

I visited my adopted-brother at one such prison the GEO-private prison in Junee, south-west NSW. It was cartoonish, straight up Monty Python shit. After a quick drug-dog search at the gates, we were let into  an unpartitioned visitors room where I watched girlfriends sit side saddle on their boyfriend-inmates lap while they sucked face. Drugs were everywhere inside the prison. My brother said he was the only inmate in his ‘pod’ (aka block) of 40 or so prisoners who hadn’t shot up meth inside.

American capitalism’s privatisation agenda is one of the most insidious and cancerous concepts the world has seen and it is definitely not limited to prisons. Since 1992, we’ve signed up for private fucking everything. Our power; our ports; crucial parts of our education system (HECS, TAFE); numerous hospitals, and most recently, our transport system. All to the detriment of essential services and the workers who depend on them and keep them running; and the benefit of political elites and a nihilistic investor class. The public are fucking off it, of course, but since when has that mattered?

Where else has this insidious American influence seeped into Australian society? Oh yeah…the militarisation of our police force; the over policing of poor and coloured people, particularly Indigenous; the subsequent over-representation of Indigenous people in prisons giving us a complexion akin to apartheid South Africa circa 1981; a mainstream media run by bourgeoise elites and a rigged political system dictated to by multinational corporations; an insatiable appetite for fossil fuels despite the alternative literally staring us in the face every fucking time we leave the house; those shitty soulless Truman Show clusters of poorly built, energy inefficient Mcmansions; a culture of quick fix pharmaceuticals peddled by nihilistic bourgeoise doctors at the behest of their benefactors in the pharmaceutical industry (Purdue Pharma and the like).

Click the image to read The New Yorker’s shocking expose of the family-owned Pharmaceutical giant behind America’s opioid crisis.

For the last decade or so we’ve bussed in boat and plane loads of middle class and upper caste immigrants to keep our economy afloat while at the same time peeling back workers’ rights and letting war-ravaged refugees – people who genuinely need somewhere to live – perish in offshore, dank, tropical prisons.

The American system is surely among the worst things humanity has coughed up. The only thing worse than coughing shit up is surely swallowing the shit someone else coughed up. This isn’t to say I’d wanna live in so-called ‘Communist’ China or Taliban Afghanistan (New Zealand on the other hand?), but from the standpoint of the threat posed to humanity’s future on this planet, America are top of the pops. Per capita, there is not a people on earth with a bigger carbon footprint than Americans. Nor is there a country more miserable, more mentally ill, and more dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. Massive consumers. Utterly miserable. Is the universe trying to tell us something?

This is not a shot at the American people per se. They have been comprehensively skull fucked by the most sophisticated bullshitting machine ever invented – the mainstream media – and they are not alone. Most of us in the western world swirl around in the same disorientating vortex of noise, obfuscation, distraction and spin, generated by the mainstream media. I was no different, until deep into my twenties when I found the work of John Pilger and Julian Assange.. Both Australians. One of whom, Pilger, has won nearly every award there is to win in journalism though it hasn’t been enough to get him a start on any current mainstream news channel. The other, Assange, is locked up indefinitely in Britain, waiting to see whether he’ll be extradited to America to serve several life sentences.

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 12.05.22 pm

When the organisations handed with the responsibility of keeping you informed – i.e mainstream news networks – draw the bulk of their funding from the same greed-fuelled corporations invested in the downfall of their fellow man – through fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, guns and war – it’s safe to say we’re on a hiding to nowhere.

Under the American system, the rich get educations and the nutrients to grow and prosper. The poor get sent to war, shot in the streets, or their own homes, and given food stamps to feed their family after a hard day’s labour at the factory.

Well, fuck that. Murica? Fuck no. Take your shiny trinkets, your spandex super heroes, your bourgeoise nihilism, your classism, your racism, your fat orange c**t of a president, your manipulation of the poor…take it all and jam it up your prolapsed porn star arsehole. Youse are a joke.

Published by Jed Smith

Journalist with 15 years experience across every major news outlet in Australia.

2 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: ‘MURICA! And What It Means for the Rest of Us

  1. Fuckin ay, well put man. Your critique makes me think of the quote that “it is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism,” and maybe “capitalism” in that quote could be narrowed to just “American capitalism’s privatisation agenda.” Working class solidarity is just about the only path forward that I think has a chance to shift power back to the people. How the hell do we effectively struggle against these systems of oppression?


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